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Stirr in Style by Saving the World

Soft Wooden Toothpicks for you

Serve in Disposable Wooden Plate

What is Eco Sticks?

An idea for nature. For the mankind.

ECO STICKS is the new generation extension of an established wood industry having a legacy of four decades in Kerala, India. The parent firm has been successfully venturing into a wide range of wooden products since 1980. The young generation, drawing energy from the successful traditional business, moved abroad, and after serving many MNCs, returned with advanced knowledge and new age marketing strategies. Coupling tradition with trending technology, they ignited the new idea of ECO STICKS with a commitment to the environment.

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To establish as a premium brand that supplies chemical free bio degradable disposable wooden products and acquire considerable market share which is currently dominated by Chinese products which are using chemically treated raw materials offering no replacement or return guarantee. Also to manufacture more and more wooden cutlery products used in day to day life.



To manufacture and market 100% natural, chemical free wooden disposable products mainly tooth picks, coffee stir sticks and plates to different parts of India there by protecting our eco system from plastic and other harmful materials. Also to support women empowerment by providing jobs to housewives who can take part in our production sitting at home.

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100% natural without any chemical

None of our production stages uses chemical materials and the products are extra safe to use.We source raw materials from reliable sources which ensures quality and standard. We follow strict quality control measures in every stage.

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Our Products

Free the World from Plastic and Harmful Materials

Wooden Tongue Depressor

Facilitates insertion of the oral airway by preventing folding of the tongue

Wooden Fruit Fork/Pick

Pick the natural tastes in a natural way. Our fruit picks are soft and sharp

Wooden Coffee Stirrers

Have original pure coffee taste without being interfered by stirrer’s flavour

Wooden Craft Sticks

Make things like model houses, model airplanes, puppets or bookmarks

Wooden Knife

Carry out your preparation duties with perfection using our sharp and stylish wooden knives

Wooden Stirrer Sticks

Why harm nature for your enjoyment?. Replace your plastic stirrer with natural Eco Sticks

Wooden Toothpicks

Give a soft natural touch to your teeth. Take care of your health with the coolest tooth picks

Wooden Pinata Hammer

Break for your cakes using a high quality eco friendly hammer. Give a natural punch to taste.

Why Choose Us?

We ensure Quality, Value for Money and Fast Delivery

We have a team of highly qualified professionals and skilled workers whose hard work is the key factor of our success. From hectic production stages to busy supply phases, our employees stay together as a bigger to team to put Ecosticks on track and records. Honesty, We deliver what we promise and promise what we can deliver. Our committed production and marketing teams work as a whole to fulfill our mission and bring growth to the company.

We make sure what you bring to your mouth is hundred percent safe and harmless. We never use any chemical process during the production and strictly follow quality control measures in each stage.

Customer Orientation

We focus on customer satisfaction in all aspects, We ensure timely delivery, product quality and we have strict damage control measures and replacement policies.

Welfare Of Society

Along with our major mission of protecting environment, we are grateful to be supporting women empowerment by helping them to stand on their feet

Environmental Awareness

We help to keep the world free from harmful wastes. Apart from that, our processes, from procurement to production are eco friendly by strictly following government norms and ethics.


I use Eco Sticks products in my hotel, as it is superior in quality, cost effective and eco friendly. The service is very good and I get it delivered in time without any delay. I recommend Eco Sticks to all of my friends who are in hospitality industry.

Dileep Nayar



Above all of its quality, Eco Sticks is an Indian product, that is another reason why I choose this for my restaurant. I must appreciate the team for conceiving such an idea that is beneficial to hundreds of hotels and related industries.

Mithra Devan

Restaurant Owner


I use Eco Sticks in my ice cream parlor. The quality is good, service is also. We should support such eco-friendly products which are made in our country and promote it as much as possible.

Arif T